What Is The Purpose Of Marketing Agreement

April 15, 2021

4. The right to report On its costs, unless expressly stated otherwise, the remarketer must invest the necessary resources and do everything in its power to promote, market, promote, promote, demonstrate, offer and sell the products in the territory through Remarketer`s personal commercial contacts; who uses only marketing materials, advertising and advertising provided by documents, companies and contracts provided in writing or in writing, including contracts, including contracts, and who use documents provided by the company or previously approved in writing. “immediately inform the company of any unauthorized use of the products of which it is aware and help the company to assert its rights to the products.” copyrights, trade names, service marks and trademarks) with the same level of protection as it applies to its own proprietary and proprietary information and intellectual property, inform the company when it is aware of unauthorized use of any of the above information. ” advertise, promote, demonstrate, market, market, sell products using the highest professional standards. ” “If he receives orders from the customer, immediately forward all orders executed by the customer and the full payment by the customer in accordance with orders to the company as the company.” to transmit and receive communications from the customer, and to transmit company documents and receive them, “not to present as an employee, representing, representing, commenting on the company and not providing insurance on behalf of the company, including guarantees, refunds and/or credits. “All laws, rules, regulations and executive directives in compliance with this Agreement and in accordance with all corporate guidelines and procedures.”┬áRemarketer,” a commercial entity that buys products or services for marketing purposes. 10. PropertyCompensations, property and interest, including, but not limited to intellectual property and intellectual property rights, on and over products, documentation, adaptations, software, programs, content and any other property rights, including, but not limited, to intellectual property, the company that is in possession before the effective date, which is created, developed or used in the execution of this agreement, remains at all times exclusively the ownership of the company. All rights, titles and interests, including intellectual and intellectual property rights, on and on products, documents, software, programs, content and all other property rights, including, but not limited, to the intellectual property held by Remarketer prior to the effective date, will remain exclusively held by Remarketer at all times. The Company grants Remarketer a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, free license for the use and display of trademarks, service marks, trade names, logos and other trademarks (together “corporate trademarks”) for the sole purpose of delivering Remarketer in accordance with this agreement.