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I vividly remember the day. Fourth grade. My dad standing awkwardly outside my elementary school doors, the trek back to our house full of unusually vulnerable tears.

Mom had cancer. Prognosis unknown.

But seven years and one relapse later, she was cancer free. And today, November 5, 2010, marks her 20th year of health.

I wish I always understood God. How He works. The formula. Why He sometimes heals miraculously. Other times through medicine. And many times not at all.

Today there are many of you facing a deadly prognosis. Or worse yet, mourning an empty chair at your family’s table.

No cheap answers.

All I can tell you is that, over and over again, I’ve found real-life, tangible comfort in a God who is with me as much in the pain as He is in the celebration. We’ve definitely known both.

But today we celebrate. A gift. Two extra decades with a beautiful, godly woman we call mom.