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My kids rarely like to listen. (All the parents out there just perked up like their morning coffee finally kicked in). Yep, mine too. No Walt Disney animatronic perfections in the Cooper house. You mistakenly thought it was an “It’s a Small World” boat ride everyday at my place, didn’t you?

Nope.  Just lots of…




Who are a whole lot more like me than I’d like to admit.

Something major registered with me this morning as I was chiding my 8 year old up the stairs (again). “Teeth. Hair. Shoes!” Far too often, I’m not much different than they are.

Instead of listening and responding to the desires of my Heavenly Father, I choose to wait until the circumstances around me force a reaction. When the bullhorn of reality hits the threshold of pain. And far too often, avoidable chaos ensues (“seriously, you don’t have your shoes on yet?!”).

Thank God He’s far more patient than me.

How would life change if we learned to listen and immediately respond to the ever-speaking voice of our Creator (to become actual followers of Jesus), instead of waiting for the ensuing circumstances to dictate our necessary reactions?

Peacefully Destabilizing

Erik Cooper —  December 2, 2009 — 2 Comments

“Jesus told them, ‘you’re all going to feel that your world is falling apart and that it’s my fault.'” (Mark 14:27 MSG)

Ever feel that way?  Like the closer you get to God, the more chaos it brings? Not exactly a great church-marketing strategy.  But the reality is our western, capitalistic church mindset wrongly equates God’s peace with ease, and His blessing with comfort, wealth, and the fulfillment of our personal, self-promoting dreams and desires.

The closer Jesus got to fulfilling his ultimate purpose, the less circumstances made sense to those around Him. And we see this reality unfold with uncomfortable clarity through Jesus’ disciples.

These men invested three years following this fascinating, controversial figure.  He added purpose to their normal, everyday lives, set them up with a new life trajectory, with meaning.  And then just as it seemed all their visions and desires were about to be fulfilled, He’s arrested, tried, and crucified. He died.

Chaos. And it almost seemed as if that’s what He wanted, like He willfully allowed it to happen (um, because He did).

Jesus rocks our worldview. He shakes our assumptions and perspectives to the core.  We like power, control, comfort, predictability. Yet we find following Jesus (really following Him, not just making Him part of your culture or weekly schedule or to-do list check-off) requires us to give all that away.  He replaces it with indescribable peace, joy, and purpose, but the cost is everything.  Everything.

And most days I’m just not willing to pay it. Just being honest.

Have I just brought Jesus into the dialog to make my love of self more palatable, justifiable, culturally acceptable, easier to swallow? Or am I really willing to give up control, power, perspectives, my way of seeing the world?

Following Jesus is the most peacefully destabilizing decision you will ever make. He will undoubtedly make you feel like your world is falling apart, and that it’s all His fault.  And although something in you is begging to run away, to keep control, to stay in power, there’s another part of you that longs for the adventure, that wants desperately to surrender to His game plan, that knows stepping into the uncontrollable chaos is actually the way to real life.