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Tension is good for music. Notes that don’t naturally fit the chords. Melodies that depart the intended key. Progressions that take you to unexpected places.

Music that never breaks the rules is boring. A little healthy tension is actually what makes music beautiful.

Same is true for life.

This weekend my younger brother and his wife are moving to Houston. Another goodbye in a seemingly endless list of adieus over the past few years

A little more tension in the melody line.

Darren has an unbelievable opportunity to work under a successful music producer in Houston, Texas (which also happens to be Britney’s home town). He’ll be learning the ropes from an industry insider, working on some serious projects, and slowly launching his own production company (all while wearing a ten gallon hat and learning proper parts of speech for the word y’all).

Sad and exciting all wrapped into one. (Sadciting? Exsading?)

When we launched City Community Church, we committed to hold things loosely. To invest in people selflessly. To release them passionately. To see the Kingdom as bigger than our individual church community. To give until it hurt.

Little did I know how close those declarations would hit to home. And how badly they would actually sting.

So we let go. And that release brings pain. And the pain creates tension. The very tension that has the potential to fill life’s music with unbelievably beautiful melodies.

Goodbye D&B. (I guess it’s really more of a “see ya’ll”). Love you. Proud of you. Go write some beautiful, tension filled melodies (with a Texas twang).

(But don’t think for a minute I’m not subtly reminding mom and dad which one of their sons loves them enough to stick around).

Fifteen to Finish

Erik Cooper —  December 20, 2010 — Leave a comment

In light of all the stellar economic indicators and the financial pressures of Christmas, I know many of you have bags full of extra money laying around you’re just dying to get rid of, right? (Bags of small, unmarked bills with warrants attached to them don’t count).

In all seriousness, this video highlights a project we’ve adopted in a little slum off the coast of La Ceiba, Honduras.  A place that has become very special to us at City Community Church.

If you’re looking to do year end charitable giving, this would be a worthwhile investment.  This project is making a tangible difference in the lives of some amazing kids. Kids who wouldn’t have much hope without you and our partners at Mission of Mercy.

Thanks to a generous $10,000 donation, we only need $15K more to complete the final phase of this center (that also acts as a local church for the community).  If you’d like to help, you can click here to donate online, or make your checks payable to City Community Church (133 W. Market St. #102, Indianapolis 46204).

Just make sure to include “Fifteen to Finish” in the memo line for both online and physical contributions. All donations are tax deductible and can be claimed on your 2010 taxes if postmarked by December 31.

Give a gift of hope this Christmas, and then write it off on your taxes!  “It’s the gift that keeps on giving Clark…”

City Community Church is a rather decentralized church community.


We don’t believe solely in creating programs and systems to plug you into.  We want you to learn to hear from God and respond to what He’s saying. To you. From the inside out.  Tricky, but worth the challenge.

That said, we do believe in the power of doing things together. NKOTBSB style.  So this year we pulled out all the creative stops and launched CityCom’s 12 Days of Christmas.  I know, I know.  We don’t know where the idea came from either.  Supernatural indeed!

Every day, December 8-19, there’s a simple activity the entire church community (or anyone else for that matter) can do to bring some focus and life to the Christmas season. From reading the Christmas Story in Luke 2, to attending a Christmas party in honor of local foster parents.  From donating a toy to a local children’s shelter, to free ice skating at the Pepsi Coliseum.

Simple. Meaningful. Celebration. (yes, even the ice skating)

Today (day 2) we “travel” to Africa in support of one of our Interact Partners, Global Support Mission. Logon to their action website,, and make a simple donation (even as little as $1) to a specific need (the stories are there) that could change or even save a life.  Get all the Day 2 details by clicking here.

Here’s the latest video that shows a little of what Global Support Mission is all about:

Feel free to join the 12 Days of Christmas even if CityCom isn’t the church you call home (hey, even if you don’t call any church home).  You can follow each day on the CityCom Facebook or Twitter page, or by logging on to the Interact tab of the CityCom website.

Merry 12 Days of Christmas!