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The Beauty of Letting Go

Erik Cooper —  November 11, 2010 — Leave a comment

My 11 year old daughter flew out early this morning with her grandmother as a business trip tag-along. Helping man the Mission of Mercy booth at a women’s conference in southern Massachusetts earned her a plane ticket and a few days hookie from school.

She just called me from their layover in the DC airport. “Dad, we saw the Capitol Building!  And the White House! And the Washington monument off in the distance! Even took some pictures!”

She sounded so grown up. So confident. So sure of herself. Off living an adventure without mom and dad for the first time in her life.

That’s the beauty of letting go (even though a trip with Grandma is hardly much of a risk).  The older she gets, the less she will need me to guide and direct the steps of her everyday life.  The more she’ll be able to stand on her own, make some decisions, do the right things, and write her own story.

I’m beginning to morph from a voice barking orders and dictating her schedule (although I must confess, I do occasionally bark).  Hopefully, a piece of me now actually lives inside of her, and her choices are becoming guided from the inside out. Not just from my pre-scripted playbook.

That’s what God promises us, too. He’s not just a set of rules for us to live by.  He longs to send the Spirit of His Son, Jesus Christ, to live inside of us. To re-shape our desires.  To guide our choices.  To shape our adventure into everything He created it to be. From the inside-out.

“You can tell for sure that you are now fully adopted as his own children because God sent the Spirit of his Son into our lives crying out, ‘Papa! Father!'” (Gal. 4:6 MSG)

The Pro is Calling

Erik Cooper —  February 3, 2009 — 3 Comments

One of the great things about planting a new church is all the new people I get to meet.  A few weeks ago I got the chance to sit down with Geoff Wybrow and Jim Falk of LAM Ministries in Broad Ripple.  Geoff threw out a challenging analogy as we launch into these new church building waters:

God is calling you straight from “high school basketball” to the pros.  When you were in high school, you could get away with some handicaps…not dribbling well to your left, poor mechanics in your jump shot, being a little slow on defense.  But in the pros, those things will kill you.  You’ve got to fix them, spend some time on them, or you’ll never make it at this new level.

Same for all of us.  As God calls us higher, those little things we could easily compensate for as an “ameteur” become magnified issues we must confront and deal with.  Little insecurities, unbridled frustrations, masked selfishness, unchecked temptations.  No more letting those things go.  Time to cut them out.  Learn to play like a pro.

God’s call for all of us is radical discipleship.  That requires change…growth.  So what handicap have you been making excuses for?  Time to sharpen up.  The Pro is calling.